The photo exhibition, created by Justen LeRoy, examines the constantly changing picture of what it means to be a black man in modern society


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An immersive experience curated by Los Angeles based mixed media artist Keith Magruder. This exhibition is one sure to take you to another place in time. Then followed by a conversation with the artist himself.

The inspiration behind Sweet Summers is hot summertime at grandma’s house. As a child I distinctly remember, my cousins and I could be found at her house every day. At 3 pm, the tunes from the ice cream truck would fill the neighborhood and grandma would give us all money to buy popsicles. With money in our hands and our pockets jingling, we all ran out of her house as fast as we could with so much joy and laughter. I remeber the armoa of strawberries, cherries and green apple painting the sky with blue stained lips we were full. Full of life, hope and the sweetest of sweets. This work is dedicated to her and the memories she feed us.

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Recently known for his work at with The Museum of Ice Cream Keith Magruder—also known as the Baker’s Son—graduated from the California College of the Arts in 2008 with a focus on Illustration. Currently he splits his time between studios located in Oakland and Los Angeles. At an early age, Keith developed a strong connection to food by helping his mother and grandmother bake cakes, pies, and bread in the kitchen. He was able to experience the joys and happiness their baked goods brought to people.

Through that experience, Keith realized baking can represent much more than what appears on the surface. In exploring the origins, costs, and transformational properties of ingredients, Keith’s artwork offers an artistic commentary on the socio-political aspects of food and the relationship that people and cultures around the world share with it.

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